1. We work alongside you as a partner and adviser to help you discover roles that are suited to your ambitions, goals and circumstances in life
    1. MBA professionals need a personal and engaging approach – this is exactly what you will receive from GlobalMBAcareer
    1. With us you are not just another candidate, but a valued talent as unique as you are
    1. We work on a win-win approach between MBA employers and MBA professionals – we win as a result too
    1. We believe in long term partnership and hence all our actions are guided by long term interests – no shortcuts
    1. We treat each MBA professional with professionalism, respect and value the individual attributes, skills, knowledge, experience, personality etc. or to put in simple terms – your entirety
    1. We constantly communicate about the progress of the recruitment process – irrespective of whether you progress ahead with the interview process or not
    1. Wherever possible, we give constructive feedback and career advice to help you improve your personal brand image and competencies that will enable you to attract employers
    1. We believe in two way communication – We keep in touch through our website and social media network. Please connect to our social media network and stay in touch