Globalmbacareer – Your One-Stop Recruitment Partner to Recruit MBAs

  • Globalmbacareer is a One-stop Recruitment Partner for hiring MBA qualified candidates / leaders. Our services include:

    1. Executive Search – Recruiting Leaders for Executive & C-Level positions
    2. Recruiting Middle Management – Director to Managerial levels
    3. Recruiting Graduates – Graduate Level Positions, Projects, Internships and & MBA Leadership Programs
    4. Integrated Services – Assessments, Employer Branding and Advisory services

Our Services for Employers

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MBA recruitment is a strategic talent management tool for employers as the positions are often strategic, business critical and have a direct impact on the business results. We understand the importance you place on MBA recruitment – to keep your pipeline of key talents, secure leadership, grow business and win over competition

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How Does it Work

  • For any of your Managerial, Top Management and Business Critical Roles, we recruit candidates who are MBA qualified

  • They will satisfy the minimum role requirements (if not more) in terms of the required experience, skills, knowledge and know-how


Four Aspects of Our Services

  •  We Understand Your Challenges – We recognize your challenges associated with MBA recruitment – fierce competition, talent fit, time and resource constraints; cost-effective and balancing of diversity goals

     We Meet Your Needs – Whether you are a start-up / rapidly expanding business or a corporation in existence for centuries, we are committed to bring you the best. With us you always win

  •  End-to-End Approach – We hire across all levels, functions, industries and geography. Thus, we become an effective One-stop Recruitment Partner rendering you a optimized, simplified and efficient recruitment service

     Personal Approach – We pride ourselves on a personal approach. Our business model is built on it and we invest a lot of time in getting to know our candidates and are in sync with their career expectations


  • We strive not only to hand pick the best talents suited for your business, but also personalities with charisma and character. Personalities that will stand out, go the extra mile and take challenges on their shoulder.

    We just don’t seek candidates – we seek leaders, industry experts and exceptional individuals who have accomplished and demonstrated results and show interest to help you grow.

    Great companies are built and led by great talent. We are in business to get you these great talents. We help you win your war on talent – Partner and succeed with us!

  • We actively promote your employer branding and enable you to become a preferred employer of choice for MBA professionals. We actively carry forward your undiluted branding message in our recruiting efforts.

    If you would like to know more about our services or have questions regarding engaging us, we invite you to contact us. If you are interested in our services and would like to partner with us, please let us know.

    Thank you very much for visiting this section and we hope to partner alongside you in fulfilling your MBA talent acquisition needs.


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