About Globalmbacareer

Globalmbacareer is a specialized Recruitment Company that hires MBA qualified Candidates, Executives and Leaders for positions ranging from C-level to lower management roles.

We have structured Globalmbacareer to serve as “Your One-stop Recruitment Partner”. Due to this strength, no matter what professional background (work experience, sector, function) you are from, the experience you hold (level), the different phases/stages you are in your career or the career preferences you pursue – We are there to support you.

We want to make your life easy and simplify your career prospects. Instead of the need to solicit, network and build with several recruitment/executive search firms and companies in various parts of the world, we become “Your One-stop Lifetime Career Partner”

Whom do we Recruit?

  • All Experience Levels – C-Level to lower management roles
  • All Functions – General Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Consulting, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain etc.
  • All Industries/Sectors – Banking, Financial Services, Venture Capital, Tech, Consulting Firms, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, IT, Manufacturing, Luxury etc.
  • All Locations – Europe (particular strength), North America, Asia and other parts of the globe
  • Start-ups
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s)
  • Multinational Corporations

We recruit for all countries and geographies. We live in a globalized world and most of our candidates are highly skilled, have worked in more than a country, possess international leadership experience, speak several languages and are open to relocate to different parts of the world.

We view MBA as a facilitator and enhancer of your career. However, MBA by itself will not get you a career. In addition to your MBA, we look for the following when we recruit for our clients

  • Relevant experience as required by the role (eg: work, management, technical experience etc.)
  • Skills (technical, functional, soft and Organizational skills)
  • Competencies and knowledge
  • Attributes – Personality, fit etc.



Registration of Your Details

No, you have already invested thousands of dollars in your MBA and we want to help you to reap a good ROI on your MBA investment.

Our services for MBA Professionals and Executives are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Once your register, you are welcome to join our Social Media channels as it is a great way to stay in touch and engage with us.

LinkedIn Company Page: http://www.linkedin.com/company/globalmbacareer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Globalmbacareer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globalmbacareer

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GlobalmbacareerRecruiting

We actively use your details every single day to look for opportunities that are suitable to you.

While we hear the constant bashing of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and some have gone as far as saying it as a black hole, we have structured our process to use it efficiently and not to misuse it.

Often ATS is not to blame. It is the recruiters who use it who are to be blamed for the way they structure and use them. An effective use will ensure that all qualified candidates for a role are identified rather than ignored.

At Globalmbacareer, when you share your data it does not go into a black hole, but you become part of our valuable network.

Congratulations – you are fortunate to be where you are and enjoy what you do and we wish it will continue. We understand that you might be in different stages/phases of your career and not everyone is looking for their next role at a given point of time.

Having said that, the employment landscape has changed drastically and there is no job security anymore and you never know what will come your way tomorrow. Hence, it might be prudent to capitalize on Globalmbacareer now and stay open to opportunities.

Also, great opportunities do not necessarily come in the way, time and form we expect them to. Those who are registered with us have a competitive advantage when right opportunities come knocking.

All it takes is 5 minutes – the time you usually take to enjoy your morning coffee! Go on and power your career with us!



Data and Privacy

The online world is not without its dangers. That is why at Globalmbacareer, we have implemented the EV SSL Encryption Technology which are used by banks/e-commerce sites like Amazon to protect your online transactions. We believe that your data is equally valuable as your finances.

  • HTTPS Green Bar - GlobalMBAcareer


  • You will notice this with the Green bar on your web browser. If you do not see the green browser or receive any notifications/warning about it, please email us immediately at info@globalmbacareer.com and share a screen shot so that we could trouble shoot and see if there are any breaches.

    In such cases, please refrain from submitting your details until we check if everything is alright and communicate it to you.


We believe that Candidates should be in control of their data and hence have given you the ability to create your user name and password to login to your account and verify/update all the details you have shared with us. Hence, you control the data you share with us.

We strictly do not Spam or sell your data. We are aware that it is your data and you have shared it with us in order to help you towards your next career step and we use it towards it.

At Globalmbacareer, we take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We are aware that for Senior Executives, job search has to be confidential, discreet and operate under the radar. We never share your details with Employers or external parties without your consent.

You can trust on the fact that many Senior Executives and C-Level leaders have already shared it with us.



Recruitment Approach

We follow a personalized recruitment approach. We approach the suitable candidates personally/individually. This ensures that we contact the right person for the right role, have a personal interaction and have an effective approach.

We do advertise/post occasionally if we believe it would bring results / if our clients request us to do so. There are a few reasons as to why we might not advertise/list all the jobs available

  • We have found that reaching out to the right candidate directly increases the effectiveness for us and our clients
  • Often, our clients request us not to do so due to the seniority of the role/confidential nature
  • Executive jobs and Executive Search Firms usually do not advertise. It is also the best practice in the industry
  • We are not a job board company/site where you usually see a list of jobs
  • We do not advertise fictitious roles

At Globalmbacareer, we believe it is your career and we are the expert facilitators. Hence, we engage with you along every step in the recruitment process.

We do not send your CV or any other details to Employers without your knowledge/consent.