MBA Graduate Recruitment

We help recently graduated and final year MBA students across the globe to find the right graduate opportunities that suit their career goals and aspirations

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  • At Globalmbacareer, we seek exceptional MBA graduates from reputed business schools. You have worked hard to earn your MBA, been through the grind, excelled academically, passed out of great institutions, comprehend interdisciplinary dynamics, have a much wider knowledge and understanding and ready to put to collective use your knowledge, experience, skills and talent.

  • You have the will and desire to go the extra mile, drive business results, make meaningful solutions for employers, work effectively in intercultural settings, refined your communication skills, poses a global view and are confident to take on the business world. We value the progress you have achieved, celebrate the excellence you posses and the vision you have to go on further.

These Graduate Job Search Challenges Limit You?
  • Lack of Right Opportunity

    Does the ideal opportunity not come through in terms of your desired sector, location, company, function, level, salary etc.?

  • Campus Placements

    In spite of the best efforts of your career services, do you feel that you have not found the right opportunity or company?

  • Severe Competition

    Do you feel the heat of competition and your unique talents gets unnoticed by campus and corporate recruiters?

  • Lack of Knowledge

    Do you wish you had known how the graduate employment works and how to succeed through the MBA graduate recruitment?

  • Lack of Right Support

    Do you feel that you lack the right support and resources in terms of graduate job search? Overwhelmed with information?

  • Balance MBA & Job Search

    Do you struggle to keep pace with the course requirements and job search activities simultaneously which are vital for your success?

Benefit from Globalmbacareer’s Expertise & Support

  • Optimized Job Search

    Take advantage of our One-Stop approach. We deal exclusively with MBA Employers across all sectors, functions and geography. Save time, money and stress and reap a targeted job search

  • Global Opportunities

    Your needs are unique as yours. Don’t get limited by the campus placements that are predominantly local. Be a global citizen and widen your horizon. We promote diversity and intercultural recruiting

  • Quick Return on Investment

    Get back into the job market quickly and reap good return on investment on your MBA investment. Increase your chance of securing financial liabilities and gain financially rewarding careers

  • Secure Premium Jobs

    One of the primary goals for doing an MBA is to move into exceptional roles,  pace up your career progress, achieve your career objectives and be of significant influence

  • Power your Job Search

    Power and fast track your job search by joining Globalmbacareer. Register your CV on our website and tell us about your preferences. Open yourself to multiple opportunities

  • Leverage our Expertise

    We engage with you and act as a job search advisor and promoter of your skills, experience and uniqueness to Employers. Capitalise on our network and market knowledge